sap skate boards

SAP Skate Boards

We want to be the new choice for brutally basic boards.  If we can make a board that you can beat the shit out of all day, and the next day, you can do it again – then we built the board that we want to ride.  Yeah, it’s gotta feel right and handle well, but that feeling that your board is going to survive your brutal riding is what we want to provide.

Skateboard Videos

We love’m.  Really.  And we want to see the best ones out there.  If you have an awesome video, we hope you’ll send us a link and let us share it along with you.  We don’t give a damn if you’re on one of our decks or not.  We just wanna further the fun.

Our skateboard decks are coming soon

Man oh man.  We’re sucking wind on getting through the process.  Part of is, that since we’re using new materials for our decks, we have to do a ass load of testing to make sure that our boards are as good and safe as we are expecting.  If we come out and tell you that our board can handle a 400 lb. Samoan dude.  And then a 114 lb girl breaks it – well, to be honest, we’d be screwed.

So we’re having a 3rd party lab verifying our quality and durability of our skateboard decks.  Once they give us the nod (that we totally expect), then we can start to show our boards in pictures and our videos.

Ending this conversation here

So this is all we can say and want to say until we get the decks out of testing.  Until then – go for a ride and check back on us soon.